About us

Beeline is here to make journeys better. We design and build simple, smart products that make getting around a pleasure. We believe you shouldn’t have to rely on technology to tell you how to get from A to B.


With a nudge in the right direction, we humans are pretty good at finding our own way. And, after all, it’s much more fun to pick your own path. This idea is what drove Mark and Tom to start Beeline.


We’ve started with a navigation tool for bicycles which is focussed on helping you experience the world around you more. We like to think it’s an exploration aid as much as it is a navigation aid! As we continue to build Beeline, we can’t wait to see what the future holds. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.

The whole story

Meet Tom and Mark.


They’re the passionate cyclists and the brains behind Beeline.

They’ve been buddies since 2011 when they met working together in suits. Four years later, having gone separate ways for a while, they met up for lunch. Both cycled to meet the other but got lost on the way, stopping multiple times to check their phones. They joked that with a compass on their bikes things would have been much easier. After thinking it over, they thought they could get much smarter than that.


Mark and Tom started making the hardware themselves after watching a lot of YouTube videos. When the time came to move on from a working prototype, they engaged the help of renowned design studio Map Project Office in London. After this, the speed of development picked up and soon Beeline was launched on Kickstarter. After meeting their goal in two days, Mark and Tom were confident they were on to something.


After that came the design process, manufacture and BETA testing. Along the way, many people offered generous support and advice. Some were even crazy enough to give Mark and Tom money for something that didn’t yet exist. Those people truly helped bring Beeline to life.

The team

We’ve got an incredible team of people working together here at Beeline. Everyone who’s joined since it was just Tom and Mark have made them look like the class dummies (it’s a wonder they still have jobs here), but it’s not just about the talent – we have a great time together.


We’re good mates who love spending our days together and have a clear philosophy that if we’re not having fun we’re not doing it right.

Join us

Our home in the Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey houses a small (but growing!) team of makers, designers and adventurers. We’re always interested to hear from great people who would be keen to work with us in some way – get in touch.


If you’re looking for help with Beeline, why not visit our Support page. If you’re still stuck, email us on [email protected]