July 27, 2017

London Summer Series - Ride 1: Victor's Epping Forest Experience

This summer, the Beeline team has taken on the challenge of completing all of the rides in Phoebe Trimingham's You had me at velo! article for Time Out London (June 20-26 edition). Each Friday we'll be giving you the lowdown on one of the eight great cycle routes she's suggested.

Victor gets the ball rolling this week with ride number two - from his home at the Olympic Park in Stratford to Epping Forest. 

Start at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park– find the River Lea and follow her north. 


Leg I: Olympic Park to Tottenham Hale

A taste of Hackney Wick: pubs, and street art

Continue alongside the river. There are several opportunities to quench your thirst and/or satisfy your hunger, check out The Princess of Wales and The Anchor & Hope: two pubs directly accessible via the cycling route. Victor expressed admiration for both places, particularly the community atmosphere that both attract. On the note of attracting, the neighbourhood is a magnet for talented graffiti artists who use the brick walls as canvases for their work. 

Leg II: Tottenham Hale to Ponder's End

Halfway There

As the title suggests, this stretch marks the halfway point to Epping Forest. Enter the Tottenham Marshes and follow the bike path next to the river. The area lacks much variation in vegetation as it's largely overgrown, however, peaceful in essence. 

Leg III: Ponder's End to Epping Forest

Immersed in Mother Nature

Turn right onto Lee Valley Road/A110– be aware this area is traffic heavy, take caution when entering/riding the pedestrian lane. Climb King's Head Hill, from this point Epping Forest can be accessed from within half of a mile to your north (Victor followed Station Road, however there are several roads that allow for direct access). Once you've arrived, explore and enjoy London's largest forest! 


Victor called this ride a Friday– arrival at Epping Forest was the relief he'd been anticipating. 


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