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"Beeline has become an essential part of my rides" Norman B.

Norman B. from UK, Beeliner since April 2017.


"Ordered my Beeline which came really quickly. I went for the red option.

Have been using it on my bike, both to:
1. guide rides (using way-points allows me to visit all the points on the ride I want to go via whilst giving me the flexibility on how to get there) and
2. to give me a handlebar view of how my ride is progressing (distance to destination/next way-point, speed, and even the time - as this disappears on my Garmin watch when recording a ride).

It's been interesting to see the direction of where my final destination/next way-point is - sometimes not obvious when riding around!

The device is really easy to clip onto the handlebar of my bike - and it stays there! It is really easy to see even in bright daylight and it's easy to move from display to display whilst riding. The power monitor on the Beeline also helps make sure both the Beeline and Phone have good levels of charge.

I downloaded the App on my iPhone and use this to set up rides, which is really easy and intuitive.

The new feature to add photos to rides when sharing them is also excellent.

I now find that it's a must have when going out on a ride!"