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" Customer service from Beeline has been exemplary" Rosemary C.

Rosemary C. from Australia, Beeliner since July 2017


"As a new purchaser I've had limited actual use of beeline. However it seems to do exactly what it claims.
It's very easy to set up and link with my phone. I like the fact that I can tap the screen and check my speed. This helps me to keep me "on track" with whatever speed I try to maintain. (and the display is very clear)
It's also useful to know if you're going off course a little as the distance to target starts 
counting up instead of down. 
Setting a route is easy, and being able to drag and drop waypoints means that you can map out a specific ride if you choose to. 
I've not yet done any city riding/walking but I expect that it will be very useful indeed. I'm heading overseas later this year and I'm sure that beeline will be my friend there. 

I'm used to using offline mapping tools such as google maps, mapout etc but it was always a nuisance having to get my phone out and check the route etc. Of course I will still need to do this on occasion, but much less often. I'm not a fan of having my expensive phone stuck on my handlebars. 

Customer service from Beeline has been exemplary."