Beeline team christmas party

Beeline's Christmas Quiz (2017 edition)

Beeline's Christmas Quiz (2017) was first played by the Beeline team at their Christmas Meal on Thursday 14th December. 


Current Affairs

    1. Who is the UK's Secretary of State for Transport? 

    2. What is the J in Donald J. Trump? 

    3. Which of Trump's communications directors lasted just 10 days in the job? 

    4. Which city was the UK’s City of Culture 2017? 

    5. Who is Alabama’s new senator?

    6. Jacinda Ahern is the world’s youngest female head of government. Which country does she lead? 

    7. In which month did the UK invoke article 50?

    8. Who is the new president of Zimbabwe? 

    9. Who did Kim Jong Un probably order the assassination of in Malaysia in February?          Bonus point for correct name. 

    10. Salma Hayek today accused who of threatening to kill her? 


  1. The Transcontinental Race 2017 was from Geraardsbergen, Belgium to Meteora Monasteries, Greece. How long was it (point for closest team)? 
  2. What colour jersey does the Tour of Britain leader wear? 
  3. What part of a bike is this [show zoomed in photo of bike part of your choice]?
  4. Who has won more Olympic gold medals, Chris Hoy or Bradley Wiggins?
  5. Nationals of which country have won the Tour de France most? 

Dragon’s Den (Beeline's appearance)


  1. Which night did Dragon’s Den air?
  2. Which dragon said ‘this is just a glorified compass’? 
  3. Jenny’s hair was brown. What colour was her dress?
  4. Which dragon was concerned about the eco-friendliness of the packaging?
  5. Which dragon was the first out? 

Lost in Translation

Here are some idiomatic expressions from other languages that have been literally translated into English. Can you figure out what they are supposed to mean? 

  1. From French: The idiom: 'Les carottes sont cuites!
' Literal translation: “The carrots are cooked!”


“Dinner is served!”

“The situation can’t be changed.”

“A lie has been told”


  1. From Swedish: The idiom: 'Att glida in på en räkmacka'. 
Literal translation: “To slide in on a shrimp sandwich.”


“To rock up at the last minute”

“It refers to somebody who didn’t have to work to get where they are.”

“To surf an excellent wave”


  1. From German: The idiom: 'Die Katze im Sack kaufen'. 
Literal translation: “To buy a cat in a sack.”

What it means:


“To buy a dog from a shop window”

“To fall victim to a scam”

“To purchase something without inspecting it first.”


  1. From Thai: The idiom: ไก่เห็นตีนงู งูเห็นนมไก่

Literal translation: “The hen sees the snake’s feet and the snake sees the hen’s boobs.”

What it means:


“The snake is creepy”

“Two people know each other’s secrets.”

“Two people behaving guardedly towards one another

  1. From Portuguese: The idiom: 'Pagar o pato'
 Literal translation: “Pay the duck.”

What it means:


“To take the blame for something you did not do.”

“To feed the ducks”

“To throw someone in under the bus for something you did do”

General Knowledge


The first letters of each of the answers can be rearranged to write a word that is very relevant to Beeline. One point for each correct answer. Five points for the correct word.

1. Which state is Megan Markle from?

2. What is the capital of Estonia?

3. Who invented the rabies vaccination?

4. According to a UN report, radio took 38 years to reach 50 million people. TV took 13 years. Which device, released in 2001, took just 2 years?

5. If your birthday is March 27, what star sign are you? Aries

6. Muscat is the capital of which country on the Arabian Peninsula?

7. In Harry Potter, which animal is the Hufflepuff mascot?

8. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. What was the name of the mission that took him there? 

9. Which sports mega brand started life as Blue Ribbon Sports and had its logo designed by a university student for $35?

10. What was Hillary Clinton's maiden name? Rodham

11. Which country is home to the world's highest cricket ground, at 2,444m above sea level? 

Top 10s

1. Name four of MPORA’s top 10 cycling countries, by bikes per capita (quarter mark per correct answer):

2. Name two of the world’s top three smallest countries (by sq I’m):

3. Name two of the world’s top five most followed Twitter accounts (half mark per answer, extra point if you get the top one):

4. Name four of IMBD’s top 10 most watched films of all time (quarter mark per answer): 

5. Name two of London’s top five longest running musicals (half point for each):





We at Beeline pride ourselves on putting adventure back into everyday lives. But how much do we know about the adventure pioneers that preceded us? Fill in the blanks to complete the quotes from these famous adventurers/famous people about adventure.


Fill in the blanks:


  1. “It’s not the ___________ we conquer, but ourselves” Sir Edmund Hillary 

  2. “If __________ is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be top priority.” – Richard Branson

  3. “As soon as I saw ______, I knew an adventure was about to happen.” - Winnie the Pooh 

  4. "There's no such thing as bad weather, only _____________  ______________” - Ranulph Fiennes 

  5. “Adventure is just ____ planning” - Roald Amundsen (Norwegian and Antarctic explorer)


Questions about things that the Beeline team encounter around their Bermondsey office. Probably not all relevant to your quiz-takers!

  1. Tesco was founded the year after a war ended. Which year? 
  2. What is the ‘Turkish Shop’’s actual name? 
  3. The Strawberry and Banana Innocent Smoothie is a popular meal deal choice. If you were to buy it separately, how much would it cost? 
  4. The Shortwave Cafe has recently installed some new art. How many ‘bus stops’ does it now have? 
  5. Which of the following is not included in the Tesco Meal Deal?
    • Feta Semi-Dried Tomato
    • Spinach Pinenut Pasta
    • Prawn Layered Salad
  1. I want to buy a sandwich at Tesco for £1.10. Name two of my options (half point for each)? 
  2. How much is a hot chocolate at The Shortwave Cafe?
  3. What is the fish and chips shop called?



  1. What is the earth’s largest continent? 
  2. For a bonus point, what is the size of the earth’s largest continent in sq mi or sq km? Point for closest team
  3. Which country has the most natural lakes? Canada, Australia, USA, India
  4. Which country has the most pyramids? Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan
  5. Our factory is in Shenzen, China. Which Chinese province is it in? Guandong
  6. Which is the fastest flowing river in the world? Yangtze, Congo, Mississippi, Amazon 
  7. What is the capital of Nigeria?
  8. What is the longest river in the UK? 
  9. The Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench is the deepest place on earth. How deep is it? 
  10. Label the five countries outlined on this map (find a map of the world without country names and ask people to name the countries)



    1. The Scrooge is a Christmas ‘baddie’. What is his first name? 
    2. Two of Santa’s reindeer have names which, translated into English, describe a type of weather. Which two and what is the weather?  
    3. Name the 1986 Christmas number 1? 
    4. In which ocean would we find Christmas Island? 
    5. Which unlikely group sang “A Bridge over You”, which was Christmas number one in 2015? 
    6. What is the first and last name of the main character in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ (half point for each name)?
    7. What time does the Queen’s Speech air?
    8. In which year was the first fully televised Queen’s Speech (point for within five)? 
    9. Write the lyrics for the first verse of Good King Wenceslas, up to ‘winter fuel’. Bonus point if someone sings it.



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The Answers

Current Affairs

1. Chris Grayling, 2. John, 3. Anthony Scaramucci, 4. Hull, 5. Doug Jones, 6. New Zealand, 7. March (29), 8. Emmerson Mnangagwa, 9. his half brother - Kim Jong Nam, 10. Harvey Weinstein



1. 3,200km (1990 miles), 2. Gold, 3. whichever part of a bike you chose, 4. Chris Hoy (6 to 5), 5. France


Dragon's Den (Beeline's Appearance)

1. Oct 8, 2. Tej, 3. Blue, 4. Deborah, 5. Touker


Lost in Translation

1. “The situation can’t be changed.”, 2. "It refers to somebody who didn't have to work to get where they are", 3. "To purchase something without inspecting it first", 4. "Two people know each other's secrets", 5. "To take the blame for something you did not do"


General Knowledge

1. California, 2. Tallinn, 3. Louis Pasteur, 4. iPod, 5. Aries, 6. Oman, 7. Badger, 8. Apollo 11, 9. Nike, 10. Rodham, 11. India




1. China, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands

2. Gibraltar, Monaco, Vatican City

3. Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Kate Perry

4. The Jesus Film, The Godfather, The Lion King, Terminator 2, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, The Wizard of Oz, E.T., Titanic

5. Les Misérables – still running, 11,603 performances, The Phantom of the Opera – still running, 11,272 performances, Blood Brothers (closed, 10,013 performances), Cats (closed, 8,949 performances), Starlight Express (closed, 7,406 performances)



1. mountain, 2. happiness, 3. you, 4. inappropriate clothing, 5. bad



1. 1919, 2. St James' Supermarket, 3. £1.79, 4. Five, 5. Spinach Pinenut Pasta, 6. Chees and onion, red cheddar and tomato, just ham, egg and cress, 7. £2.20, 8. Elite Fish Bar



1. Asia, 2. 17,300,000 sq miles, or 44,806,812 sq km, 3. Canada, 4. Sudan, 5. Guandong, 6. Amazon, 7. Abuja, 8. Severn, 9. 6.7 miles or 10.8km, 10.



1. Ebenezer, 2. Donner and Blitzen: Thunder and Lightning, 3. Last Christmas, Wham!, 4. Indian, 5. [Lewisham and Greenwich] NHS Choir, 6. George Bailey, 6. 3pm, 7. 1957, 8. 

Good King Wenceslas looked out

On the feast of Stephen

When the snow lay round about

Deep and crisp and even

Brightly shone the moon that night

Though the frost was cruel

When a poor man came in sight,

Gath'ring winter fuel



That's all folks! Merry Christmas from all at Team Beeline