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“Beeline was fun to use, and I found it less stressful to use than a traditional turn-by-turn system.”

- The Guardian

“The underpinning idea to Beeline is less information, more freedom. Just head in the general direction of the arrow and watch the remaining distance dwindle.”

- Wired

“A quick look down and I knew immediately if I was headed in the wrong direction. Using Beeline meant that I could keep my eyes on the road and avoid nasty collisions.”

- Engadget

“Forget Google maps, this is so much better. If you’ve ever gone through the painful process of using your smartphone to navigate while cycling, either holding it precariously or stopping to look at it every few minutes, this is the answer. After spending an hour with Beeline I just can’t imagine using my iPhone to navigate while cycling ever again.”

- The Memo

"This new handlebar device beats turn-by-turn directions hands down Beeline is always just a glance away from giving you all the info you need, and you can take whatever small roads you spy when on the move. Even if you’re really in a rush, the results are rarely much slower than the direct route.”

- Coach

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