Introducing Clara and Matt

Introducing Clara and Matt

Our newest ambassadors Clara and Matt are a doctor-teacher duo who have quit their jobs (for now) for the adventure of a lifetime. They're going to be cycling home from Australia and are setting off Down Under on Friday 20th September 2019. We'll be doing an Instagram live with them at 13:00 BST (British Summer Time) on Wednesday 18th September to find out more....but first...a little bit of background!


Clara and Matt

Jumping off from an idea of wanting to 'do something different', Clara and Matt considered several options for the year, including working abroad, before realising that not working for a year was overwhelmingly attractive. A couple of resignation letters and an Antipodean wedding invitation later and it was settled: this daring pair would be spending the next year cycling from Perth, Australia home to the UK. They'll be chronicling it all on their blog - Out of Hours Adventures

Has this whet your appetite to find out more? We'll save the rest of the details for the Instagram live (or a round-up on here if you miss it). What questions would you ask them? Are you thinking of doing something similar and would you like some advice? Do you have any words of wisdom to impart?


Their Desert Island Discs


As is tradition, we asked Clara and Matt what they would take with them if they were only allowed to take eight songs, one book and a luxury item on their trips. Here's what they chose.

Their book:

A dummies guide to raft building...

Their luxury item:

Matt - T gel therapeutic shampoo - can't let a little itchy scalp get in the way of a big adventure 

Clara - Nocerella olives (with a slice of lemon) 

Their songs:


Keep up to date with Clara and Matt’s adventures on their Instagram @out_of_hours_adventures!