Man in American patriotic clothing on a bicycle

Our Favorite 4th of July Races & Rides

July 4th is the perfect day to get out for a cycle, and celebrate the holiday! Whether you are looking for a competitive day of racing, family fun, or historic trails—the day's various events across the country have you covered. Here are our favorite races and rides to ring in the festivities:

Map of USA with points of favourite cycle rides


1. Scripps Ranch 4th of July Run & Race

San Diego, California

Kids riding on bicycles with American flags

Starting out West is a California favorite: Scripps Ranch 4th of July Run & Race by Old Pros. Scripps offers a variety of patriotic cycling and running events taking place across the gorgeous sites of San Diego. Scripps' events range from whole family fun, to competitive races for elite cyclists, making it a must do for those seeking some holiday festivities in the area!

If you are looking to take on the holiday with a run, the event offers participants to choose from a 10 kilometer (6.2 mile), or a 3.2 kilometer (2 mile) race to part take in, with a Fun Run event for kids twelve years or younger to enjoy. 

For our cycling Beeliners, Scripps puts on a family friendly 19.3 kilometer (12 mile) ride, an intermediate 45 kilometer (28 mile) race, and for the advanced, a 80.5 kilometer (50 mile). 

Scripps always boasts a high turnout of Californians ready to celebrate the national holiday, so make sure to grab some red, white and blue to properly suit up for the fun!

If interested in registering or learning more about Scripps 4th of July Run & Race, you can find more information at Scripps Ranch 4th of July Run & Race.


2. Firecracker 50

Breckenridge, Colorado

Group of riders at Firecracker 50

Moving a bit more east, lies one of the nation’s most popular 4th of July races in Breckenridge, Colorado: Maverick Sports' Firecracker 50. Every year, the event has both families and the most competitive of riders alike eagerly awaiting the date. The race holds terrain worth 80.50 kilometers (50 miles), with a total of 2,348 meters (8,000 feet) of climbing through the beautiful mountainous terrain of Colorado. 

For those looking for a competitive race day to be in the saddle as a solo rider, Maverick Sports offers an assortment of solo race groupings for the big day’s participants: Pro Open, Expert, Single-speed, and Sport. Participants who race professionally are advised to enter the day commencing 09:30 group of Pro Open, and to chase the grand prize reward of $500!

For those interested in a team event, Firecracker 50 is still the place to be. Team riding is the perfect choice for those in pursuit of a two person relay-styled race, with each teammate racing a 40 kilometer (25 mile) lap. Participants can enter into this team relay-styled event as young as 12 years of age—starting our future cyclists young the way we like! 

A day at the Firecracker 50 is also the perfect time to bring together family and friends to celebrate the holiday! Supporters line the streets rooting on the racers, as well as celebrate at the finish line with picnics and other festivities!

If interested in registering or learning more about the Firecracker 50, you can find more information at Firecracker 50.


3. St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail

Tallahassee, Florida

2 cyclists riding through forest trail

For our cyclists planning on celebrating Independence Day in the Sunshine State, Tallahassee's St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail is the adventure for you. This 25.7 kilometer (16 mile) ride will take you all the way from the Floridian capital down to the gorgeous St. Marks area—all while being on a historic path.

The trail’s railroad distinguishes itself from others due to its early 1900 history of transporting cotton goods to both England and New England. The railroad is surrounded by stunning greenery up until the finish of your journey, where you can expect woods to evolve into the coastal sceneries of St.Marks!

If interested in learning more about the St. Marks Historic Railroad Trail, you can find more information at Tallahassee - St.Marks Historical Railroad State Trail.


4. Mount Vernon Trail

Washington D.C., Virginia

Beautiful big old white American style house

Taking place in the hub of American History that is Washington D.C., Mount Vernon Trail is the holiday ride for those seeking out a presidential filled journey. The trail begins at the stunning Theodore Roosevelt Island, and concludes at George Washington’s famous historic home in Mount Vernon (above). The ride spans across 29 kilometers (18 miles) of trail winding through the woods' gorgeous scenes and bridges. 

For this upcoming 4th of July, the George Washington estate is hosting an 'American Celebration' commencing at 08:00 and ending at 17:00—the perfect way to end your patriotic ride! The event will host a variety of festivities with admission, including concerts, military reenactments, and fireworks. We cannot think of a better way to celebrate the 4th of July in D.C!

If interested in learning more about the Mount Vernon Trail, more information is available at Visit Mount Vernon by Bike. If interested in learning more about the George Washington estate's 'American Celebration' event, more information is available at An American Celebration.


5. Minuteman Rail Trail

Boston, Massachusetts

Statue in beautiful gardens in Boston

For our Bostonian Beeliners, the Minuteman Rail Trail is the perfect selection if you are seeking a woodsy journey packed with American history. The Minuteman trail stretches from Bedford to Alewife for a 16 kilometer (10 mile) ride of national history.

Minuteman, also known as the America's Revolutionary Rail Trail, was established to honor one of the most significant events in American history— Paul Revere’s 1775 ride into Lexington to warn about a British invasion. The railroad that is famous for Revere’s historic journey is what the trail evolved upon, allowing cyclists to have their own ‘Revere Ride.’ The perfect ride to take in stunning Boston views, all while getting your fix for holiday patriotism!

If interested in learning more about the Minuteman Bikeway Trail, you can find more information here: Minuteman Bikeway.

Happy 4th of July Cycling! Make sure to tag us @ridebeeline so we can see what journeys you and your Beeline embark on this Independence Day!