Say Hello: Route Assistant

Say Hello: Route Assistant

Hot off the press - Beeline is launching a route guidance feature!

When Tom and Mark had their Beeline lightbulb moment just over two years ago, they knew that all we really needed to know was the direction of our destination and the distance remaining to it.

Since then, free-flow navigation has taken thousands of you hundreds of thousands of miles in pursuit of better journeys. You've discovered new places, been on great adventures, and had fun. You've sent photos in from Sydney to Solihull, to Tokyo and Tennessee.

We've enjoyed the ride so far, but we have said all along that we wanted listen to you. And you have spoken. In fact, we've spoken to hundreds of you over these last few months, and we get it: sometimes you just need a bit more guidance. 

Waypoints have offered you a way of breaking up your journey but your brain has had to pedal pretty hard to figure out where to put them: you are planning a journey but there is a river in the way. You need to cross a railway line and you just don't have time today for any detours (however pleasant they may be). Or you want to follow a particular route and don't have time to drop in all of the waypoints that you need. 

So, we've put our tech team to work and they have developed a brand new route assistant feature. Using it is super simple. Just set your destination and waypoints as normal, tap the route assistant toggle and the app will generate a load of waypoints for you.

route assistant beeline phones

If you would like to change your guided route, just drop and drag any extra waypoints as you please. Simples.

Once you're out riding, follow the arrow as normal. Your Beeline will point you in the direction of your next waypoint and, once you're within 100m of it, will jump to the following one.

Free-flow navigation will always be at the core of Beeline (and our hearts) but it now has a new and exciting sidekick.

Fancy giving it a go? Download the latest update of our app. Happy Beelining.

Oh...and one last thing. Let us know what you think! Join the conversation here.