Best Gifts for Cyclists

Best Gifts for Cyclists

Café Du Cycliste Flask - £39

Cafe Du Cycliste Flask

This sleek little flask is a great multitasker, built with a double skin for keeping your water ice cold or your morning coffee lovely and warm. Café Du Cycliste's flask also comes with 2 lids for ultimate flexibility. A great little gift for cyclists and sure to become anyone's go-to bottle, from commuter riders to bike packers.

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Proviz REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket - £119

Proviz REFLECT360 Plus Men's Cycling Jacket

Proviz's reflective jacket takes high vis to the next level, turning the rider into a bright white light when illuminated. This is a multi-tasking cycling gift too; apart from increasing the safety of your dark winter rides, this jacket is also windproof, waterproof and breathable making it our top cycling jacket pick.

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Look Mum No Hands! Banana Cycling Cap - £14

LMNH! Banana Cycling Cap

One of our favourite cycling cafe/workspaces, LMNH! also makes some awesome cycling apparel. Their caps make a great cycling stocking stuffer; our favourite is this quirky banana cycling cap to add a touch of humour to any dark and dreary ride. 

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La Passione PSN Windproof Jersey - £113

La Passione PSN Windproof Jersey

A windproof cycling jacket is a bit of a must for making it through the winter months. This one from La Passione is windproof and water repellent with thermo fleece panels in the back and sleeves for extra warmth. It even has a waterproof back pocket for keeping your phone safe from the elements. We love this Beeline yellow version but it's available in different colours for those wanting to be a little less bold.

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Rapha Deep Winter Gloves - £140

Rapha Deep Winter Gloves

Survive the worst of the winter cold, rain and snow in style with Rapha's Deep Winter gloves. Not only are these gloves a thermal dream, they're also waterproof, feature a high vis finger for signalling in the dark and are gel padded for comfort and keeping a tight grip whatever the weather. The perfect cycling gift for any whatever-the-weather cyclist.  

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Exposure Lights Sirius MK7 +TraceR ReAKT MK2 - £155

Exposure Lights Sirius MK7 +TraceR ReAKT MK2

With the nights drawing in, good quality lights are an absolute necessity and you can't get much better than Exposure Lights (one Beeline team member describes theirs as being "like the Sun"). This neat set comes with a lightweight but powerful front and rear light, that react to breaking and when detecting ambient light. Perfect for any cycling commuter, these lights will allow you to be visible from up to 1km away.

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Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Pannier Pair - £103

Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Pannier Pair

If you're travelling any sort of substantial distance on your bike, chances are you'll need a pannier (or two!). Ortlieb is our choice for simple, sturdy waterproof panniers that can withstand pretty much anything you throw at them. Get a pair of these 20L versions and you'll be all set for your next adventure. Again, we can't resist a yellow accessory but there are other colours available.

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Beeline Velo - £99

Beeline Velo in Hot Coal Red

Of course this ultimate gift for any cyclist has to be our very own Beeline Velo! Beeline guides you with a minimalistic, easy to use interface with a large arrow showing you the way to go. The Velo has undergone a makeover recently with a whole stack of software updates including GPX import capabilities, two different routing modes, Strava integration and more.

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