Giving B(l)ack Friday 2021: Vote for our motorcycling charity

Giving B(l)ack Friday 2021: Vote for our motorcycling charity


As you know, we support charities that are doing great things in the motorcycling or cycling communities for Black Friday - or Giving B(l)ack Friday, as we like to call it - each year. 

This year, we invited you all to nominate a charity close to your heart to be in the running to be our charity of 2021. 

We had some fantastic nominations and, after much thought, our team has managed to create a shortlist of four motorcycling charities. Now it's up to you to choose which one we support this year. You can vote as many times as you like, so spread the word and try to rally support for your charity! 

Please read more about the charities and vote below: 


National Association for Bikers with a Disability

Nominated by two members of the Beeline community, the National Association for Bikers with a Disability has been operating for 30 years and has grown to become the world's leading charity for bikers who suffer from a disability due to accident or illness. 

The NABD offers advice and funding for bikers on everything from bike modifications to licensing and specialist prosthetics. One of our nominating members received a grant from the NABD when a brain tumour caused them to lose much of the use of their right hand and arm. With the advice and financial support of the NABD, they were able to make the necessary modifications to their bike and are still riding at 74 years young! 


Blood Bikes: Yeovil, Wales, Lincolnshire


With local chapters across the country, Blood Bikes is a 100% voluntary service that provides motorcycle couriering of medical essentials - from blood plasma, to breast milk, to documents - to the National Health Service (NHS) totally free of charge. 

Riding 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Blood Bikers keep things going...and much of the public has no idea that they exist! 

Blood Bikes WalesYeovil Freewheelers and Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bikes have been nominated by Beeliners Barry, Steve and Darren. 


Two Wheels for Life

Nominated by Beeliner Don, Two Wheels for Life is a charity that provides motorcycles, training and equipment to health workers in rural parts of Africa to allow them to provide care to more people. 

With a motorcycle for transport, health workers can visit six times the number of patients as they could on foot and double the amount of time that they spend in the community. 

To date, programmes supported by Two Wheels for Life have improved access to healthcare for 47 million people. 


Air Ambulance (London)

As much as we love it, we all know that motorcycling doesn't come without some risks. 

The London Air Ambulance, nominated by Beeliner Harry, provides life-saving care to 5 patients in the London area every day; attending 1494 callouts (including 371 road traffic collisions) a year. 

The charity supports the work of the National Health Service (NHS) and relies on funding to provide their helicopter and rapid response car services to care for the most severely ill or injured patients. Fundraising also allows them to invest in the vital clinical research that keeps them at the forefront of medical knowledge. 


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