Who would love a Beeline Moto?

Who would love a Beeline Moto?

Thinking about buying a Beeline Moto for someone this Christmas? Here's who we think will love it!

The local explorer

Beeline Moto offers two routing options: Route Mode (customisable turn-by-turn) for those who would like to follow a specific route, and Compass Mode (as the crow flies) for those who would like to find their own way: both are great choices for riders looking to explore a new part of town or country. 


The trans-continental adventurer 


Buying for someone who is often off on amazing adventures? Whether they are motorcycling down to Marseilles or across the Sahara, Beeline Moto's GPX import feature makes importing routes a doddle...and they can save them in the app to use once they have hit the road. They can also track their whole ride for the all-important post-trip analysis (and bragging)! 


The style-conscious

If you're buying for someone who loves a sleek looking cockpit, look no further. The small, circular display of the Beeline Moto looks right at home next to the RPM counter and speedo - much more stylish than the big, boxy style of a traditional sat nav! With three colour options: black (plastic), gun metal grey and silver, there's a Beeline Moto that will look great on any bike. 


The techie

We all have someone on our list who is a real gadget geek. If your someone is also a motorcyclist, they will love being part of the evolution of Beeline Moto. We're adding new features all the time and get most of our ideas from Beeliners themselves.