Beeline Adventure Cycle Ambassadors

As part of the Beeline family, Ambassadors contribute in a diverse range of ways, all helping to take Beeline to the next level.

Our Ambassadors come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they all love their Beeline adventures and want to spread the good word, through their local cycling club, on social media, among friends in the local pub, or from the top of a mountain pass on the other side of the world.

Think that sounds like you? Send us an email at telling us about your best adventure on 2 wheels, or scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill the simple form out!


Featured Ambassadors 

Check out this month's featured Ambassadors, and give them a follow on social media for some exploration inspiration! Click on their photos to hear their full stories.

Will and Steph

Beeline Adventure Cycle Ambassador Explore

Will and Steph were inspired to get in to touring after reading Laurie Lee's “As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning”. Setting off to take in some of Europe's most beautiful, and challenging, rides, their travels are accompanied by stunning photography and a wistful reflection on the joys of exploration.

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Beeline Ambassador Cycling Join Adventure

After a few years of cycling hiatus, Kim recently dusted off his 1995 Fuji Ace and got back in the saddle. What started as some exploring around his home in Brussels has blossomed and now he's entering 100+ mile sportives and heading off on cycle tours. Ain't no stopping him now!

Joe and Verity

Verity (a lawyer) and Joe (a teacher) live just outside of London and have wanted to go on a 'proper adventure' for ages. They both yearned for a 'little bit of panic' that would take them out of their comfort zones and force them to go with the flow so, when Joe has a request for a sabbatical accepted by his school, they got planning something epic. 

The couple are no strangers to cycle touring having cycled through Scotland and even spent some of their six week Colombian honeymoon cycling!

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Some months Jim's at work in the North Sea as a saturation diver; other months he’s a full time bike adventurer. He’s also a Beeline Ambassador and is currently planning a Beeline the length of Portugal.
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Jayne and Sam


Sam and Jayne are a cycling couple from London who are preparing to set off on a round the world adventure.

They’ll start pedalling in London in June and will spend a year in the saddle travelling over Europe and Asia to Hong Kong, across the south of Australia between Perth and Sydney, up New Zealand from Invercargill to Auckland, and then down through the Americas from Vancouver. The best thing about it? They'll be Beelining the whole way. 

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On the morning of Tuesday 30th January 2018 , Frances set off by bike from London for the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Over six months she covered 15,000km to traverse eighteen countries and cross two continents as she followed the ancient Silk Road. Her story is inspirational, and accompanied by beautiful photos.

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