Beeline's new app

Beeline's new app

After years of feedback from the community (that’s you), and months of development from our team, we launched an updated version of our app in March 2021. 

Please read on for info about how to make the most of all of the cool new features. Your app has probably updated itself already but, if you open it and don't notice any big changes, please download version 3.0.2327 or later in the App Store (iPhone users) or version 3.0.3857 or later Google Play (Android users) and follow the tool tips! 

What's new

As well as a whole new look, we have put a lot of work into making the app as easy to use as possible. The updated app also has some key new features at different stages of your journey.

Planning a journey

Once you’ve set your destination and any waypoints you’d like to stop at along the way, you’ll be offered up to three different route options. If you live in certain countries, these will be generated by Beeline Smart Routing. More on that, and how you can contribute your own experiences, here

If you live outside of the countries covered by Beeline Smart Routing, you’ll still receive up to three route options but they won’t (yet!) be generated by our algorithm. They will continue to be generated by our service provider for now...and we’ll be rolling out our own routing to more countries soon. 

After a journey

During your ride, we’d love for you to continue to add road ratings as before [link to road rating section of routes article]. All of the feedback that you give helps us to make better routes for other cyclists, and you, in the future. 

At the end of your ride, you’ll be asked to rate the overall ride too. Please let us know what you thought. If you loved it, fab! If you didn’t, let us know, and we will try to provide a better route next time. 

It’s pretty cool to see how far we have travelled and to review our previous rides. That’s why we’ve revamped the ride summary screen too. You’ll have overall totals, monthly totals, ride summaries, and a heatmap to show you the roads you’ve covered and how you rated them. 

Pretty cool, huh?! 

How to access it


To access all of these new features, you need to make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of our app from the App Store or Google Play. On iOS (for iPhone users), the version is 3.0.2327 or later and Android, the version is 3.0.3857 or later.

Once you start using the app, you’ll find that all of the new features have “tooltips”; little boxes that will pop up to help you use them. You can also check out our FAQs here and, of course, give us a shout at if you have any other questions. 

We hope that you love it! 


Please tell us what you think


We are so excited to share this update with you, but we are just getting started. Please keep the feedback coming and we’ll shape it into an app that serves your needs better and better.