Reasons to ride: Winter - episode two

Reasons to ride: Winter - episode two

Back in autumn 2020, we put a search out for some winter bike riders to take part in a project. We wanted to know what it was that motivated them to get out of the door and into the cycling saddle, even on the dreariest of December days.

Our riders' motivations to keep cycling in winter resonated with us, and we think that they will touch you, too. We are thrilled to continue "Reasons to ride"; a series of short films about real bicycle riders and what cycling gives them. February's rider is Charlotte. 

Charlotte spent her childhood and teens riding horses competitively but, when she found herself in the big city, went looking for new challenges. A friend suggested a 250 mile charity bike ride and she jumped in at the deep end!

With a couple of cycling holidays under her belt, Charlotte loves the feeling of really getting to know a new place that travelling around it by bike affords. And, with a constant eye on her next challenge, she has a focus for keeping bike riding over the winter.



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What are your #reasonstoridewinter?