Who would love a Beeline Velo?

Who would love a Beeline Velo?

Thinking about buying a Beeline Velo for someone this Christmas? Here's who we think will love it!

The cycle commuter

Beeline Velo gives two routing options - Route Mode and Compass Mode - making it a super companion for any urban cyclist on your list. 

They can quickly navigate to new places with Route Mode's turn-by-turn routing, or try Compass Mode to mix-up their commute and explore more of their city. All with tracking on every ride and the option of uploading to Strava. 


The intrepid adventurer

There's always one! If you have someone on your list who spends all winter dreaming of cycling adventures, and all summer on them, you're on to a winner with the Beeline Velo. 

They can plot all of their routes in advance and save them in the Beeline app so that they are just two taps away from their day's navigation.  


The eco warrior

We're all trying to do our bit to save the world from climate catastrophe and, for some, that means ditching the car or bus and jumping into the saddle! But navigating by bike can be tricky, especially when you are new to it. 

A Beeline Velo could be just what they need and, if they're really passionate about helping to get more people on bicycles, they could even join one of our beta testing schemes - we're building better routing to get more people on two-wheels. 


The leader of the pack 

Beeline Velo makes route planning and following super quick and simple; it can all be done from your phone! Speedo and odometer screens also make keeping an eye on pace a doddle. 

If you have someone on your list who likes to lead family, friend or club rides, they will love a Beeline Velo (just make sure that you get an invite for the next one).