Giving B(l)ack Friday | Cycling

Giving B(l)ack Friday | Cycling

We're doing things a bit differently this Black Friday.

We've launched some new discounted bundles where you can get a great deal on devices, accessories and kit. These deals are limited in number and won't last long. Check 'em out and get in there quick.

Alongside these bargain deals, we're committing to giving B(l)ack Friday. After all, the festive season is all about giving. 

5% of Black Friday weekend revenue will be donated to two excellent charities. 

The Bike Project

For Velo products the charity we're giving to is The Bike Project.

The Bike Project is an awesome charity that gives bikes (and bike gear) to refugees in London. While seeking asylum, refugees live on just £37 a week, making it impossible for them to afford public transport as they navigate their new life here. A bike opens up endless possibilities that help to fast-track the process and their integration into our communities. 

There are thousands of abandoned and unwanted bikes in London; and thousands of refugees for whom having a bike would make a massive difference. 

Since 2013, The Bike Project has been collecting secondhand bikes from the police, local councils and individuals, refurbishing them and then giving them to refugees and asylum seekers in London. 

With a new free mode of transport, it is estimated that refugees save £20 a week and £1,040 a year. They feel more engaged and part of their communities, and are able to access food banks, legal advice, healthcare and education much more easily. 

They have donated 5,000 bikes already, but there are so many more people waiting for a bike...and we can help! 

The Bike Project also offers a Talent Development Programme! It can take up to a year for an asylum seeker's application to remain in this country to be processed, during which time they are often ineligible for paid employment. If they are eligible to work, their language proficiency and lack of UK work experience are often barriers to finding a job. 

The Bike Project offers those who would like to develop skills in bike mechanics the opportunity train for industry recognised qualifications like Velotech, Level 1 City and Guilds and Cytech. 

With the money that we raise this weekend, we hope that we will be able to pay for lots and lots of bicycles and kit packs. You can also donate a bicycle (or cash) directly to them, or sign up to be a Bike Buddy. 

Which products are included?

All Velo products are included in our Giving B(l)ack Friday weekend. If you buy a Moto product, the money will go to our chosen motorcycle charity; Blood Bikes.

You'll be able to see how much money you're donating when you get to the till but to give you an idea of your contribution, here's how much some of our most popular items will amount to:

Kit Pack Bundle - £5.95

Twin Pack Bundle - £8.45

Colour Pack Bundle - £5.20

Beeline Velo - £4.95

Where your money goes

An example of where The Bike Project could use your money:

£20 buys a kit pack: a helmet, lock and lights

£50 buys a bicycle and kit pack for a child

£100 buys a bicycle and a kit pack for an adult

Already have a Velo?

You can also give your time to The Bike Project! In early 2020, they'll be looking for new Bike Buddies: people who are up for going on cycling trips with a refugee who has received a bike from The Bike Project. 

The aim is to help them to build cycling confidence, reduce isolation, improve well-being and help them to integrate into our community and settle into life in their new surroundings.