Giving B(l)ack Friday | Motorcycling

Giving B(l)ack Friday | Motorcycling

We're doing things a bit differently this Black Friday.

We've launched some new discounted bundles where you can get a great deal on devices, accessories and kit. These deals are limited in number and won't last long. Check 'em out and get in there quick.

Alongside these bargain deals, we're committing to giving B(l)ack Friday. After all, the festive season is about giving. 

5% of Black Friday weekend revenue will be donated to two excellent charities. 


Blood Bikes

For Moto products the charity we're giving to Blood Bikes 

Blood Bikes is a volunteer-run service that provides a free out-of-hours medical transportation to the UK's National Health Service. 

Every day, across the UK, motorcyclists get kitted up and wait on-call for urgent out-of-hours runs of blood and other 'medical essentials' to hospitals in their area. 

They'll transport blood, biological samples, medical notes, e-rays and scans to support our wonderful National Health Service, totally free of charge

In 2017 alone, 3372 volunteers made 73,617 urgent runs. With 31 National Association of Blood Bikes members across the country, their coverage extended across 85% of the population (54 million people). 

Their impact is immeasurable for the thousands of patients that they help, and the patients' families and friends. 

We hope that our fundraising weekend will help to provide lots of much needed funding for the amazing blood biker member groups.

Which products are included?

All Moto products are included in our Giving B(l)ack Friday weekend. If you buy a Velo product, the money will go to our chosen bike charity; The Bike Project.

You'll be able to see how much money you're donating when you get to the till but to give you an idea of your contribution, here's how much some of our most popular items will amount to:

Adventure Pack Bundle in Black£7.95

Adventure Pack Bundle in Gunmetal Grey or Silver - £10.45

Twin Pack Bundle in Black - £12.45

Twin Pack Bundle in Gunmetal Grey or Silver - £16.45

Mount Pack Bundle in Black - £8.20

Mount Pack Bundle in Gunmetal Grey or Silver - £10.45

Beeline Moto in Black - £7.45

Beeline Moto in Gunmetal Grey or Silver - £9.95

Where your money goes

The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes offers financial support to member groups in the form of liability insurance and grants for equipment. At member group level, each group has costs to cover to keep their bikes and volunteers on the road.

As an example, for one member group:

£15 covers fuel for a day

£70 gets their blood bikers insurance cover for a week

£100 covers a week of bike maintenance

Already have a Moto?

Blood Bikes are always looking for new volunteers to help support the high demand for their help. If you are interested in getting involved in blood biking in your local area, check out the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikers website to find out more.