Your ride. Your way.

Put the fun and adventure back into urban cycling

BeeLine is a handlebar-mounted device that helps you find your way on a bicycle. It strips back navigation to the bare basics, turning convention completely on its head and resurfacing your natural instinct to find the way.

Instead of a prescribed route, we believe a sense of direction is all that’s required to keep you homing in on your destination, leaving you to decide which turns to make. So BeeLine just points you in the right direction, like a smart compass.

Controlled by and using the GPS of your smartphone, BeeLine is simple to use, intuitive and affordable. Take charge of your ride and discover new places in your city.

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How BeeLine Works

beeline clip in bike

1. Clip onto your bike

BeeLine's innovative strap design attached to any bike in seconds, fitting almost any handlebar or stem

beeline waypoints

2. Pick your destination

Using the free BeeLine app (iOS & Android), select your destination and any waypoints and the device will point in the right direction

beeline city cycling navigation made simple

3. Ride. Your way

Ride in the general direction of the arrow. BeeLine doesn't give turn-by-turn instructions, leaving you free to decide which route to take

Features To Make Your Ride

Techincal breakdown


An e-paper screen gives you crisp, clear information in all light conditions. A backlight for night riding means you can still find your way in the dark.


The BeeLine device is water resistant, and is encased in a tough silicone attachment mechanism, so will stay put even over the bumpiest of terrain. 


The 350mAh battery is USB rechargeable, and will last for four weeks of regular use before recharging is required. A small icon on the BeeLine screen lets you know when you're getting low. 


The BeeLine device houses a magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and a Bluetooth receiver. The sensors are used by the device to constantly recalculate your location as you cycle and keep you pointed in the right location.

beeline features
beeline clip on

User-friendly design 

We've worked with top designers to make BeeLine fit with your lifestyle, not just while you're riding, but also when you take it off the bike at the end of your ride. No difficult shaped equipment to carry around, just clip it onto your bag or keys. You can even use it without your bike! 


The BeeLine app, for iOS and Android, is simple and user-friendly. Just select the final destination and you’re ready to go. If you need to go via a certain place, you can add as many waypoints as you like to your route with a simple drag and drop.

The cycling device everyone is talking about

BeeLine press

"BeeLine GPS Device Aims To Make Bicycle Navigation Easier" - Tech Times

"This slick little smart compass tells you which direction to cycle" - Stuff

"BeeLine: Smart, Intentionally "Fuzzy" Navigation for Bikes" - Core77

"Innovative BeeLine GPS navigation system launches on Kickstarter" - NewsLocker

"BeeLine Gadget Lets You Multitask and Enjoy Simple Navigation" - Trendhunter

"BeeLine brings easy GPS navigation to your bike" - Engadget

"Innovative BeeLine GPS navigation system launches on Kickstarter" - Cycling Weekly

"Urban routefinder BeeLine will add navigation to your bike for peanuts" - Bike Radar

"This Compass Is Made for Geographically Challenged Cyclists" - Wired

Join the city cycling revolution.

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