Better routes, navigation and tracking for two wheels.

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Simple navigation that is small, sleek, easy to use and well-priced.

It’ll find you new routes, help you navigate with turn-by-turn directions, and track your adventures.

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New game-changing GPS.

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... a million times better than any fancy Garmin Edge or Wahoo unit would have been.

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Clever design, a simple interface, and loads of extra functionality.

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Does Beeline work in my country?

Beeline is built to work worldwide, wherever there is GPS coverage, but there are a few exceptions. 

Routing for Velo products in Route Mode uses Beeline Smart Routing in the countries listed in this article

Anyone in a country or city that is not on the list will still receive a great route but this will come from our default provider: Mapbox. You can check out the coverage for MapBox for your country here.

Our Beeline Moto Fun and Fast Routing is now available in these countries.

Do you ship to my location?

We ship worldwide with a few exceptions in Albania, Andorra, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Corsica, Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, Kosovo, Malta, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal (Islands), Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta & Melilla, Turkey and Cyprus.

Shipping costs:

As orders are shipped from our UK or EU warehouses, you will not incur customs charges when ordering to the UK or EU. 

Orders outside the UK and EU may incur additional import duties & customs charges. These are levied at the port of ingress and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please check customs charges in your country before ordering. 

More information and costs here.

When will my order arrive?

Estimated shipping time

2-3 working days for the UK

3-5 working days for the EU 

5-7 working days for the other worldwide locations.

Read all shipping information here

How do I pair my phone with my Beeline?

Follow these steps to pair with your Beeline:

  • Open your Beeline app and go through the onboarding screens. It will ask you if you would like to pair to a Beeline Moto.
  • If your Beeline is on the logo screen press the top button to wake it up. It will then say, 'I'm ABCD. Anyone out there?'
  • Select your Beeline and allow your phone to pair. Your Beeline will download any firmware updates and then you should be good to go!

Read more about pairing here

How do I plan a route?

Enter your destination by either tapping the location on the map or using the search function in the ‘Where to?’ at the bottom of the screen. 


If it is a simple A to B type of day, that is it! From here you can choose to ride the route given, or blaze your own path with light guidance by choosing the Compass option. 


For the longer days, you can also add stops along the way if there are any specific places that you would like to pass through on your ride. These are called waypoints. 

Read more about route planning here

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