Bike is best

Bike is best

There’s a reason we’re in the business of cycling, and not just because we needed to stop getting lost. It’s because we believe that if more people were to hop on two wheels, the world would be a better place. What’s even better, is that there are a lot of other companies and people out there who believe the same thing as us. 

In 2020, we were privileged to be able to join together with them via the Bike is Best movement. It’s no secret that the year coronavirus hit, cycling saw a huge growth in popularity. Adam and the team that set up the Bike Is Best campaign saw an opportunity to capitalise on all the people who felt liberated to get out and get pedalling during lockdown. 

We supported the campaign financially and with our own work, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people around Britain getting the message that ‘Bike is Best’!

Some of the work that we helped with featured on the website, including sharing our top tips on bike locks and helmets, as well as an interview series with a few people we know in the cycling community, including Chris Dixon from Pedal Me, Clare Rogers from the London Cycling Campaign, Benjamin Smith from The Bikeability Trust and Suami Rocha, a cycling instructor. 

The campaign has received a great amount of coverage from those in cycling and outside the industry, a real testament to what passion and mass support can do for what we believe in. We’re looking forward to more opportunities to spread the love - let us know what you think and where you want to see us next!