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    European City Breaks: Prague Cycle Route

    Prague's city centre is beautiful, surrounded by medieval history, delicious food and, of course, Czech beer. It is paradise for tourists, but for cyclists? Deceptively steep hills and cobbled streets and crowded bridges mean the best cycling experiences are found slightly further afield.

    This short cycle route starts in the stunning Vyšehrad fort and follows 2 quiet rivers out to the majestic Karlštejn Castle. There's no better way to escape the tourist traps whilst still ticking off the must-see sites!

      Prague Cycle Route Vlatva RIver Charles Bridge

    Venture further afield with this Prague cycle route, and reap the rewards: beautiful castles, serene countryside, and gentle pedalling along river banks.

      Quick Facts


    Peaceful cycle paths, quiet Czech Villages, Karlstejn Castle


    37km (one-way) 


    Flat, tarmac cycle paths nearly all the way. No major roads 



    Time it for that perfect middle ground between Czechia's hot summers and cold winters

    How to get there

    Regular, and cheap, flights to Václav Havel Airport Prague. 25 minutes in a cheap taxi to the city centre

    Which bike

    Nothing fancy needed here - Biko Adventures have a wide range, and are nicely situated near the beginning of the route


    Escape the hectic city centre, and see a whole new side to this wonderful country 


    The Cycle Route 

    Prague cycle route map

    Why not have a wander around the Vyšehrad fort before picking up your rental bike? Situated on the bank (but up some hefty steps), this park is well worth stretching your legs in as a warm-up for the day's ride. 

    Prague Cycle Route Czechia Vyšehrad Vysehrad

    Now let's begin! This route is nearly 90% cycle route, so hop onto the eastern bank of the Vltava and settle in for a lovely meander through small Czech towns and villages. Plenty of cafes along the way make for excellent refueling spots. 

    Prague City Route Berounka Countryside

    The route then heads West, swapping the banks of the Vltava for the Berounka. The views keep on coming, and small, sleepy towns are dotted along the way.

    The route culminates at Karlstejd Castle, whose fame has attracted quite a mishmash of tourist traps in the town situated in its shadow. Wind your way up for rewarding views back down the valley. The real attraction is the Castle itself, which was built by Charles IV in 1348 to store the Bohemian Crown jewels from Hussite invasion. Looks pretty impregnable to us!

    Prague Cycle Route Karlstejn Castle 

    A view befitting the last few hours of effort! After all that work, the hardier among you will choose to cycle back the way you came but for most, we recommend popping yourself and your bike on the regular train back to Central Prague, so you will be back in no time at all to regale one another with stories of your day to the Castle and back!


      Download the GPX



    So now you know! There's so much more to Prague than the city centre. Give this ride a go, and get in touch with us @ridebeeline to share your story!


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