Help make cycle routing safer

Help make cycle routing safer

We all know that the route you ride from A to B has a huge impact on how safe and pleasant that ride is. 

We're looking for a small group of Beta users to help us tag streets as good or bad for cycling, so we can guide people on the right routes. (Just iPhone users in the UK to start with)

All you'll need to do is ride around as usual, tapping buttons to feedback when you like or dislike a street. Simple!


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Thanks so much for your help!

Tom & Mark, 
Beeline co-founders


Answers to some frequently asked questions:

Am I suitable?

We're looking to get a good cross section of cyclist types so don't feel you have to be a seasoned cyclist to take part. We do have a few requirements though. You'll need to:
- be riding in the UK
- be an iPhone user
- (you'll need to use a Beeline device - we can lend one to you if you don't have one already)

When will we do this?

You'll need to be available to ride regularly through November but by no means daily.

What will be required of me?

All we need is for you to ride your bike as normal, tapping buttons on the Beeline device to give us your opinion on roads. Aside from the odd brief survey we won't ask you to do any laborious "homework". 

To ensure we gather a helpful amount of feedback, we'll ask you to ride a reasonable distance and cover a variety of streets, but it'll be completely up to you how and when you choose to do your riding. 

How will you communicate with me?

At the start, we'll do an initial briefing and share clear instructions. We'll be available via a WhatsApp group throughout the tagging period and we'll do a debrief at the end. 

What will I get out of it? 

There's no financial reward but you'll be part of a meaningful effort to make cycling safer, more pleasant and therefore more accessible by sharing your opinions. You'll also be a founding member of what we hope to grow into a much wider community of cyclists tagging streets and you’ll shape how we build that. 

After the trial, we'll share with you the insights we've gathered so you can see the impact of your efforts.