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Say Hello: Auto-calibration

Goodbye magnet symbol, hello auto-calibration!

To update:

1. Make sure that your Beeline is paired to your phone. Open the Beeline app

2. Your Beeline will automatically download the new auto-calibration firmware

Over the last year or so we’ve brought you Route Assistant, Strava Integration and GPX Route Imports. We’re pretty proud of those but we’re not stopping there and are very excited to release what we think is our best update yet: auto-calibration.

Until now we have been relying on the Beeline’s magnetometer to calculate the relative positions of the Beeline and its destination. This was a good start but magnets are fickle things. As the year has progressed, we became increasingly aware of the magnetometer's limitations: cargo bikes, tandems, vintage steel bikes, recumbent bikes and penny farthings all had trouble calibrating and the arrow wasn’t always 100 percent reliable.

Beeliners from Polzeath to Perth got in touch to say that they were tired of the bike gymnastics that all of the handlebar twisting to calibrate the Beeline required.

That just didn’t cut the mustard. We started Beeline with the aim of making cycling frustration-free; not frustrating!

So we put our engineers to work. After six months of writing code, they’ve produced a super solution. Auto-calibration relies more heavily on locking on to GPS coordinates and is very simple to use.

Just download the latest version of the app and allow your Beeline to update. Then set up your ride as normal, strap your Beeline onto your handlebars, start your ride, and pedal.


Beeline auto calibration gif

You’ll see the refresh symbol, which is indicating that the Beeline is trying to ‘lock on’. As long as you’re riding at a speed of 3mph (5kph),  it will disappear within seconds and your arrow will be pointing you exactly the right way. All you need to worry about now is where to explore next.

So, there you have it! Beeline just got a whole lot better, just in time for a summer of cycling. Grab your vintage bikes, your cargos and your tandems and go explore. Just let us know where you get to #ridebeeline

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