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    Tips for Winter Riding

    The days are short, it is getting colder and colder, and it's almost always raining. But winter cycling is still very doable and, often, very fun. 

    Our CTO and all-round whizz-on-two-wheels, Marc, shares his tips on how to stay out cycling. 


    1. Dress warmly, but don't overdo it on the layers: a good base layer, thermal jersey and a windproof should be enough.

    Avoid the temptation to wear too many layers, you'll get too hot and the sweat will end up making you cold. I love my La Passione thermal jersey but ultra thin running (or cycling) jackets like our team favourite from Helly Hansen also make great extra layers because they keep the heat in well but are also super light if you need to take it off and stuff it in a saddle bag. 

    I also recommend getting some overshoes to keep your fingers and toes nice and cosy: the dhb Neoprene Nylon ones offer some great bang for your buck. Altura's microfleece gloves are great for keeping fingers functioning without letting them get too hot. 

    Remember when you first step outside it'll feel very cold, but as you start riding you'll start to warm up.

    My top tip is to ride a quick loop around your home to see if you've judged the clothing right.

    2. Pray for no punctures...
    Punctures suck at the best of times, but trying to pry off a tyre with freezing hands will have you vowing never to ride again.

    Check your tyres for wear and invest in a good pair of winter tyres. We recommend Schwalbe Marathons: good, solid tyres that don't break the bank. 

    3. Keep upright...

    Drains and leaves are especially dangerous at this time of year, becoming miniature ice rinks.

    Take care turning and be extra cautious going over cattle grids and tracks which will be extra slippy.

    4. Don't go too big...
    You'll burn your energy reserves much faster riding in the cold, so make sure you eat regularly.

    Dates and bananas are a hot favourite with us.

    Take extra food and your card or some cash just in case.

    And finally...If you get too cold or run out of energy then there's always the train...:)

    On your bike! 

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