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    London Summer Series - Ride 5: The Wandle Trail

    This summer, the Beeline team has taken on the challenge of completing all of the rides in Phoebe Trimingham's  You had me at velo!  article for Time Out London (June 20-26 edition). Each Friday we'll be giving you the lowdown on one of the eight great cycle routes she's suggested.
    This week we'll get a glimpse into Tom's journey along the Wandle Trail,  a popular cycling route starting at Wandsworth and ending at Croydon: approximately a 12.5 mile distance.
    the Wandle Trail cycling route map

    Tom praised the Wandle Trail for its beauty, offering those that travel it an escape into nature from the heart of London: experience and witness an array of forests, ponds and animals!  

    While not a necessity for this ride, if you have a bicycle equipped for off roading, more power to you! And if you happen to own a Beeline Velo, it's even better! ;-) The trail contains several off road portions which aren't the best suited for cycles with thin tires. 

    Leg I: The Ship to King George's Park

    Onto the Wandle Trail

    the Wandle Trail the ship pub wandsworth

    Tom's journey began at  The Ship,   a pub directly   adjacent to the River Thames in Wandsworth. After a pint of lager and a cottage pie he was off. 

    the Wandle Trail king george's park

    The Wandle Trail follows national cycle route 20, and can be accessed/is located where the River Wandle and Thames conjoin. Continue following it south, and you'll enter King George's Park, Tom's first pitstop.    

    Leg II: The Wandle Meadow Nature Park

    Introduction to the Park

    the Wandle Trail meadow nature park

    Continue following the route– enter the Wandle Meadow Nature Park, a quiet and sprawling nature reserve. 

    Leg III: Merton Abbey Mills

    Communal Gathering

    the Wandle Trail merton market

    Merton Abbey Mills, a former eighteenth century textile factory, is now home to a weekend market, several pubs and cafes. There's also musicians and actors that put on performances throughout the area.   

    the Wandle Trail merton abbey millA revolving water wheel bearing the area's history. 

    Leg IV: Morden Hall Park

    A National Trust Site 

    the Wandle Trail morden hall park

    Hop on the boardwalk and keep your eyes and ears alert, as the park is the home of many species of wildlife. 

    the Wandle Trail georgian manor home

    Within the park is a former Georgian manor home, now used as a wedding venue.  

    Leg V: Croydon

    Back to the Cycling Lanes  

    the Wandle Trail tom's bike on a scultpture

    If you give the Wandle Trail a go, let us know, we'd love to hear about your experience. Get in touch at  

    All of the routes in the Summer Series are available in the app for a period of two weeks after the publication of this blog. Check this one out before it disappears!


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