Velo 2: Saving your phone's battery life

Velo 2: Saving your phone's battery life

We get it. Having to keep track of what you need to charge is annoying! That’s why Velo 2’s battery offers up to 10 hours of daytime use, 20 hours of night-time use and up to 18 months on standby.

Velo 2 pairs with your smartphone to work. And drastically reduces the battery drain of navigation on your phone in the process! You can see how running Beeline navigation with Velo 2 compared to running navigation on Strava below: 



The test:

We compared two navigation methods to assess the impact on the smartphone battery.

Using identical Samsung A21s optimised and under the same conditions, we ran navigation using Strava on one, and navigation connected to a Beeline device on the other.

We found that the phone using Strava lasted a respectable 17 hours.

Navigating using a Velo 2 extended that battery life to 86 hours.


If you need to be sure that your phone will make it around a particularly long ride, you can use Velo 2 with your phone on Airplane Mode (make sure you keep Bluetooth on). As long as you stay on the route, you'll see all your usual directions and live ride stats. If you go off-route, turn aeroplane mode off briefly before continuing. 


The effect of individual phone specifications, battery age, amount of other apps running in the background and signal strength will impact the total available run time. Both phones in this test were new, with all background apps closed and a good connection.