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    How to: back our Kickstarter

    Beeline Moto launches on Kickstarter on Tuesday 26th June at 2pm UK time, and will remain open until Thursday 26th July. Woop!

    If you would like to back Beeline Moto on Kickstarter but aren't quite sure how, or would like to find out more about how Kickstarter works, you've come to the right place. 

    close up photo of the Beeline moto on handlebar


    How does Kickstarter work?


    Kickstarter is a website that creators use to make their inventions possible. By backing a product before manufacture, you give the creators the funding that they need to turn their prototype into a product: from tooling and software writing to product research and development.

    At this point we’re asking that you pledge an amount to our project. A pledge is a commitment to back us for the pledge amount if we reach our funding goal. To make a pledge, just head to or campaign page and click to ‘back this project’, or click on the ‘reward level’ that you would like on the right hand side. 

    No money will be taken from your account until our campaign closes on  Thursday 26th July...and, if you like, you can change your pledge right up until the funding deadline. So, if you decide that you do want to go for the aluminium mount or double up with a twin pack, all you need to do is go to our campaign page and click to ‘edit your pledge’. 

    You can find more information about how Kickstarter works on their FAQ page



    How to back us on Kickstarter


    To back our project, head to this page.


    Beeline Moto kickstarter page

    There, you’ll find our campaign video and loads more information about the Beeline Moto. Once you’ve decided what you want to go for, select ‘back this project’ or your reward level on the right hand side.

      Beeline moto kickstarter gif how to back us

    Then, just follow the instructions.


    Post campaign


    Beeline Moto kickstarter planning release

    Once the campaign closes all of the pledge money will be withdrawn from the backers’ accounts and it will be used for development and manufacture. Estimated shipping varies for every project but we expect to ship in February 2019. 

    Be sure to look out for emails from us between now and then as we’ll be asking you for all sorts of important things - from your opinion on some of the decisions we’re mulling over, to what your address is when the time comes to send you your device! 

    There you have it! If you have any questions, just shoot us an email at and we'll get you sorted. 

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