Route planner update

Route planner update

We have a new route planner!


You can update your app now and take it for a spin! Or read on below for the lowdown on what we've improved and why.

We're always improving

Back Summer 2020, we launched a project to give our app a revamp and refresh. Once we were happy with the new app experience, we released the first update and asked for feedback from you: our awesome community. 

After reviewing the feedback we received, we had plenty of inspiration for what to tackle next. Above all, it was clear to see that you all love riding your bicycles and motorcycles. The open road, the sense of freedom, the wind in your hair…whatever it was about travelling by two wheels that really made your soul sing…it  wasn't the route planning. 

Route planning. Finding a route, then setting it, then adjusting it, then readjusting it. Then setting off and realising that you have made a mistake and, no, you really didn’t mean to do three loops of that particular roundabout. Planning a route has, all too often, been the most frustrating, tedious and boring part of a journey. Can’t we just get going already?! 

So, starting in Spring 2021, after a mammoth amount of user and competitor research, design workshops and wireframing, we began building the first version of our improved route planner.


Enter the all new Beeline route planner

Designed with your help, we are proud to roll-out our brand new route planning software

Things that we’re particularly excited to share:

  • More easily view and edit start, via and end waypoints
  • A simplified way to add stops/waypoints
  • Improved multiple-waypoint editing in list view with drag and drop
  • Numbered waypoints along your ride
  • Quickly reverse a route
  • Improved route planner education
  • Retained quick-tap planning on the map

Need to drop something off at the Post Office between work and home? Or meet a friend at the pub for a cheeky pint? Just pop as many waypoints as you like in the app and we’ll offer you choices of routes between them. And then reverse your route when it’s time to head home. 

We’d love to hear what you think about it, the good, the bad and your ideal experience!

Please leave your feedback here

As mentioned, this is the first version of our new planner and we have big plans to make it even easier to create the perfect route for your rides. Stay tuned and update the app to give it a go!