New feature: GPX export

New feature: GPX export

Share Beeline routes with friends

Riding with buddies is the best. And, now, sharing a route with them for navigation is even easier with our new feature that allows you export GPX files from the Beeline app! 

All you need to do is to save a route in the Beeline app (tap the "options" button in the top right and select "save"):



And then find the saved route on your app home screen and tap the three dots on the right to export it as a GPX file:



Once they have received it, your friend can select to open the GPX file with the Beeline app. It's as simple as that! 

You can find more info and instructions about importing and exporting GPX files from the Beeline app in our FAQs here (cycling, motorcycling). 

To use this feature, please make sure that you have updated your app to iOS 3.1.4702 or later or Android 3.1.5564 or later.