How to store your motorcycle 🏍️: tips and tricks

How to store your motorcycle 🏍️: tips and tricks

Hey there, fellow rider! We know how much you love your motorcycle 🤘, so we want to help you take care of it, especially when it's time to put it away for the season. Proper storage can make a big difference in the performance and longevity of your bike. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your ride in top shape:


1. Clean Your Bike Thoroughly

Before storing your motorcycle, give it a good wash and wax. Dirt, grime, and bugs can damage the paint and metal over time, and moisture can cause rust. Don't forget to clean the chain, wheels, and brakes. A clean bike not only looks better, but it's also easier to inspect for any issues.

2. Change the Oil and Filter

Old oil can break down and cause corrosion or sludge buildup. That's why it's a good idea to change the oil and filter before storing your motorcycle. Fresh oil will help protect your engine and keep it lubricated during storage.

3. Add Fuel Stabilizer

Gasoline can deteriorate over time, leading to carburetor problems and engine damage. Adding a fuel stabilizer to your tank can prevent this from happening. Fill up the tank and add the stabilizer according to the instructions on the bottle. Run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the stabilized fuel through the system.

4. Tend to the Battery

If you're storing your motorcycle for more than a few weeks, it's best to remove the battery and store it separately in a cool, dry place. If you're leaving the battery in the bike, make sure it's fully charged and connect it to a trickle charger to keep it maintained.

5. Inflate the Tires

Before storing your motorcycle, make sure to inflate the tires to the recommended pressure. This will prevent flat spots from developing on the tires over time. You can also place the bike on a center stand or use a motorcycle stand to take the weight off the tires.

6. Block Exhaust Pipes

Small animals like mice and rats can make their way into your motorcycle and build nests in the exhaust pipes. To prevent this from happening, you can plug the pipes with some steel wool or aluminum foil.

7. Use a Dehumidifier

If you live in a humid climate, it's a good idea to use a dehumidifier in your storage area. High humidity can cause rust and corrosion on your bike, so keeping the air dry will help protect it.

8. Check on Your Bike Regularly

Even if you're not planning to ride your motorcycle for a while, it's important to check on it periodically. Unless you are going for a proper ride (30 mins or more), though, don't be tempted to start the engine and "let it run" for a bit! RevZilla has a great video explaining how this bike storage myth might do more harm than good. 

Inspect the tires, brakes, and other components for any signs of wear or damage.

9. Cover Your Bike

Finally, cover your motorcycle with a breathable cover to protect it from dust, debris, and moisture. Avoid using plastic or vinyl covers, as they can trap moisture and cause corrosion. A good quality cover will keep your bike clean and dry, and it will also deter pests from making a home in your bike.


By following these simple storage tips, you can keep your motorcycle in great shape for the next riding season. Happy riding! 🏍️👍