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Moto II Powered Mount Insert

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Never worry about your Moto II running out of juice again. This powered mount insert allows any compatible mount* to be converted to effortlessly charge a Moto II whilst riding.

  • Easy installation
  • Connects directly to 12V bike battery terminals
  • Adjustable orientation with top or bottom cable exit
  • Weatherproof, sealed design with replaceable contact pins
  • Auto power switching to prevent flat batteries

*Not compatible with Universal Mount

What’s included:

  • Powered mount insert
  • Extended mount insert bolts
  • 2 meter 12V battery terminal cable
  • 2 x zip ties


This powered mount insert is designed to allow the Moto II device to be charged whilst riding. It is designed to be connected up to a motorcycle battery using ring terminals, which is typically how other accessories are connected to motorcycles, such as heated grips.

The design allows all the mounts (except the Universal mount) to be adapted to power the device. To install, the original mount insert must be removed from the mount, then the powered insert is put in its place. The Powered Mount Insert will come with three different screws to allow it to be attached to all the different mount options.

It uses pogo pins to charge the device via contacts which are on the bottom of the device. There are a number of design features to avoid issues with corrosion that can typically effect this sort of charging mount for other navigation products. Corrosion can occur as the mount is likely to be left outside in bad weather for long periods of time.

The powered mount insert can be installed with the cable exiting either at the top or bottom side. A rectifier chip in the device enables this by allowing either contact to receive positive or negative charge.


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    Moto II Powered Mount Insert
    Moto II Powered Mount Insert
    Moto II Powered Mount Insert
    Moto II Powered Mount Insert
    Moto II Powered Mount Insert
    Moto II Powered Mount Insert
    Moto II Powered Mount Insert
    Moto II Powered Mount Insert
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