Giving B(l)ack Friday 2021: Vote for a cycling charity

Giving B(l)ack Friday 2021: Vote for a cycling charity


As you know, we support charities that are doing great things in the motorcycling or cycling communities for Black Friday - or Giving B(l)ack Friday, as we like to call it - each year. 

This year, we invited you all to nominate a charity close to your heart to be in the running to be our charity of 2021. 

We had some fantastic nominations and, after much thought, our team has managed to create a shortlist of four cycling charities. Now it's up to you to choose which one we support this year. You can vote as many times as you like, so spread the word and try to rally support for your charity! 

Please read more about the charities and vote below: 


Bikeability Trust


Nominated by Beeliner Mark, the Bikeability Trust is the UK national charity for Bikeability, the government's cycle education programme. 

The Bikeability Trust operates on the belief that education, engineering and enforcement help to encourage more people to cycle - and we, for one, believe that the more people cycling the better! 

Offering training to both children and adults, the Bikeability Trust provides people with an important life skill and also works to make sure that any barriers to participation are removed through their focus on inclusivity. 


Wheels for Wellbeing

Our 2020 charity, Wheels for Wellbeing works in South London and supports disabled people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling. 

Through their group sessions and loans of adapted cycles, Wheels for Wellbeing allow more than 1000 people a year to discover (or rediscover!) cycling. They also work to make sure that investment in cycling infrastructure also improves facilities and routes for disabled cyclists and works with local, national and international partners to influence attitudes and policy towards disabled cyclists. 



The Bike Project

Did you know that those seeking asylum in the UK are not allowed to work, and are only given £39.63 a week to live on? Access to such a low allowance means that public transport can be too expensive for many refugees...step in the bicycle. 

The Bike Project refurbishes second hand bikes to give to refugees and also has a Bike Buddies scheme that pairs a cyclist with a refugee in their area so that the two can ride together. 


Wheels 4 Life


Nominated by Beeliner Tim, Wheels 4 Life provides bicycles to people in great need of transportation in the developing world. Working with local organisations - from schools to health care centres - Wheels 4 Life identifies those most in need of a bicycle. The mobility that a bicycle offers makes a huge difference to recipients' lives and can often help them to break out of the cycle of poverty. 

Where possible, Wheels 4 Life purchases the bicycles that they donate in the countries that they are donating them to. This has the benefits of supporting the local economy, making it easier to source spare parts and saving money and emissions on transporting bicycles across the globe. 


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