Reasons to ride: Winter - episode three

Reasons to ride: Winter - episode three

Back in autumn 2020, we put a search out for some winter bike riders to take part in a project. We wanted to know what it was that motivated them to get out of the door and into the cycling saddle, even on the dreariest of December days.

Our riders' motivations to keep cycling in winter resonated with us, and we think that they will touch you, too. We are thrilled to continue "Reasons to ride"; a series of short films about real bicycle riders and what cycling gives them. March's rider is Sully. 

Taking his first cycling lesson at 28 years old, Sully was immediately hooked! He loved the sense of freedom that it gave him and he has not looked back since. 

Now he takes his Brompton with him everywhere and has even helped to start a cycling group at his mosque. 



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