Beeline: Our charitable support

Beeline: Our charitable support

One of the things that we love the most about being involved in the cycling and motorcycling communities is hearing about the fantastic challenges that you take on on two wheels in support of good causes. Two-wheeled travellers are good eggs. 

We would like to support you on your charitable ventures and that’s why we have two ways in which we offer support to such endeavours:

1 - We give away a pair of Moto devices and a pair of Velo 2 devices every month as part of our Beeline Charity Raffle. If you are fundraising for a good cause with an event, a raffle, a ride or anything else, please sign up here to enter the monthly raffle and let us know whether you would need one or two devices. 

We’ll pull a winner at the beginning of each month and let you know if you are the lucky recipient. If you are the lucky recipient, we’ll also feature you and your challenge/event on our social media pages. 

2 - We offer a 20% discount to anyone who is giving their time to volunteer for Blood Bikes. If you are a Blood Biker, please send us an email with someone from your Blood Bike chapter copied in (asking them to endorse your participation) and we’ll get a code over for you and anyone else in your chapter to use. 

Wishing you all good luck with your awesome deeds. Thanks for making our world a better place.