Introducing Beeline Plus

Introducing Beeline Plus

As you know, we have been continuing to develop our app for many years. We have brought you all sorts of exciting new free features and we will continue to do that for years to come! 

Of course, some features cost more to develop than others. In order to fund this development, we are introducing a premium tier of our app. It’s called Beeline Plus, costs £3.99 ($4.99) a month, and will continue to expand in the coming months and years.

Initially, it will give you access to the following: 

Signing up

To sign up, just subscribe via your app. It costs £3.99 ($4.99) a month and you can pause your subscription any time (so you’re not paying for it while your motorcycle is in storage for the winter or if you can’t use your bicycle due to injury). And if you sign up for a whole year? We’ll give you two months free. £39.99 ($49.99) all year. 

Free trial

We get it. We can tell you all about how brilliant we think our Plus offering is.. but nothing beats trying it yourself! That’s why we offer a free month long trial of Beeline Plus to all users. Don’t absolutely love it after a month? You can cancel, no quibbles. 

Coverage and expansion

Right now, we are launching Plus in the UK only - starting with iOS and expanding to Android users soon - but we are expecting to expand it to other countries over the next year or so. 

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Got questions? 

Check out our FAQs on Beeline Plus here.