New feature: Moto Fast and Fun

New feature: Moto Fast and Fun

Moto Fast and Fun Routing

If you have been using your Beeline Moto over the last few months, you may well have noticed a cool new feature: Fast and Fun Routing. 

That’s right! While motorcycling can sometimes be about just getting from A to B, a lot of the time it is about having fun along the way. We’re talking curvy country roads with corners that you can lean into and beautiful views out towards the horizon. 

That’s why we are now offering two route options between your location and your destination so it’s up to you whether you want to take the best direct route or depart on a little motorcycle meander along the most enjoyable roads for those on two wheels. 

Where is covered

Moto Fast and Fun Routing is available in all of the areas covered by Beeline Smart Routing. Check out the coverage list here!

How the routes are calculated

  • Fast routes try to get you there as fast as possible. Don’t forget that you can still customise your routes by selecting to avoid highways/motorways and toll roads!
  • Fun routes are more likely to take you on more twisty roads and scenic routes, while being less likely to take you on major “boring” roads like motorways and trunk roads. “Twistiness” is calculated by analysing the radius, tightness and density of turns on a road

To calculate the “twistiness” of a road as closely as possible, we use an algorithm that is similar to the one used by You can see a map with categorised roads here: 

Yellow = a bit twisty

Red = quite twisty

Purple = very twisty

Clever, huh?! If you’d like to take advantage of Moto Fast and Fun routing, just check that you are within a coverage area and make sure that you have the latest version of the Beeline app (iOS version or later and Android version or later).