Using Beeline with Calimoto

Using Beeline with Calimoto

We have to say that we are pretty proud of our own Moto Fast and Fun Routing (providing awesome fast and fun route options to get you from A to B) but we understand that we aren’t the only fish in the sea. 

There are some other fishies out there who are doing a pretty smashing job of creating routes for motorcycling as well… and we want you to be able to ride their routes with Beeline, too! That’s why we have made it extremely easy to import a route from Calimoto

To ride a Calimoto route in the Beeline app, just follow these simple steps: 

1 - Identify the Calimoto route that you would like to ride

2 - Open the route, click “export GPX file”. Select “as GPX” and download the route to your phone

3 - Open the Beeline app and tap “plan ride”

4 - Tap on the options button in the top right hand corner of the app and select “import GPX route” 

5 - Import the GPX route in Route Mode

6 - Tap “Go” and enjoy!