Beautifully Simple Motorcycle Navigation

Easily plan, navigate and track fantastic motorcycling routes with a device that fits seamlessly onto your bike's cockpit.

  • Improved display and visibility

    Experience the road ahead with clarity, whether you're exploring winding country lanes or navigating bustling city streets.

  • Advanced mini-map navigation

    Say goodbye to missed turns and hello to seamless navigation for the twists and turns of every ride.

  • Sleek and minimalist engineering

    The perfect companion for riders who value design without compromising on performance.

Bigger screen, enhanced visibility.

See more of the journey ahead with Moto II's larger screen. Enhanced visibility means enhanced adventures.

Navigate complex junctions effortlessly.

The mini-map and turn icons provide a clear, comprehensive view of your route.

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Reviews from beta-testers

  • The screen was very clear even in bright sunshine. We deliberately took wrong turns to try to confuse the Moto II and it rerouted itself very, very quickly.

    Heather | France | 2024
  • Moto II is quite durable, small enough to put somewhere on a bar and big enough to navigate with it. Even for me without Hawk-Eyes.

    Michael | UK | 2024
  • Love the size and simplicity of the device. I also like how detailed you can get inside the app, to ensure you go where you want to go, without hassle.

    Corey | USA | 2024
  • It just goes. It recalculates quickly, this is especially useful in dense urban settings where there are lots of streets and easy to miss a turn. There's nothing worse than waiting for rerouting that never catches up.

    Laurel | USA | 2024
  • The greatest advantage of the Moto II for me is that it provides instantly scannable essential guidance. This is especially important on a high-performance motorcycle when I don't want to be studying a map. 

    John | USA | 2024
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Enhanced Hardware

Re-engineered to meet motorcyclists needs

  • IP67 Waterproof & Shockproof

  • USB-C with 14+ hour battery life

  • Secure mounts and glove-friendly buttons

Intuitive, glove friendly controls.

RockerTop 2 buttons are designed for quick, easy access, ensuring seamless function on the move.

Designed for the cockpit.

Choose from three bezel and colour options to suit your bike.

Weather sealed, ready for anything.

IP67 rated and shockproof, Moto II is built to endure whatever the road or the weather throws your way.

Better routes and planning

Get epic routes

Excellent routes

The free-to-use Beeline app and desktop planner selects the best roads, combining scenic beauty with the thrill of the ride. Choose from Fast or Fun routes.

Try the route planner

Easy to plan

Set a route with just a few taps or upload your own, then let Moto II guide you without fuss.

Mount upgrades

Upgrades for riders with specific needs. The Universal Mount ships with each Moto II.

  • Bar Clamp

    Compatible with most motorcycle bars.

  • Mirror / Crossbar

    Compatible with most mirror stalks/crossbars.

  • 4-Hole AMPS

    Compatible with AMPS brackets and custom builds.

  • Powered Mount Insert

    Charge whilst you ride. Compatible with Moto II mounts (except Universal).

  • Moto II device to original Moto mount Adapter

    Use Moto II with original Beeline Moto mounts.

  • Original Moto device to Moto II Mount Adapter

    Use original Moto devices with the new Moto II mounts.



Beeline is built to work worldwide, wherever there is GPS coverage, but there are a few exceptions. 

Our Beeline Moto Fun and Fast Routing is now available in these countries.


We ship worldwide with a few exceptions in places that have proven to be tough on importing our products. We do not ship to India, South and Central America (with exceptions to Mexico and Brazil), Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Corsica, Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, Kosovo, Malta, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal (Islands), Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta & Melilla, Turkey, Cyprus. 

Shipping costs:

As orders are shipped from our UK or EU warehouses, you will not incur customs charges when ordering to the UK or EU. 

Orders outside the UK and EU may incur additional import duties & customs charges. These are levied at the port of ingress and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please check customs charges in your country before ordering. 

More information and costs here.


The Moto II will become available to order on the website in May 2024 and ship shortly thereafter. 

You can pre-register your interest here to be included in the updates that are to come for updated timings on the general sale launch. 

If you have already backed our Kickstarter campaign, we’ll be getting in touch in early April to collect the final details of your order. Your order will ship in May. We will keep you posted on our campaign page and via the email you backed the campaign with further updates. 


On their own - you will not be able to use the original Moto device or mounts with the Moto II product range. However, we have created mount adapters within the collection that you can use to either: 

a - use your current original Moto with new Moto II mounts 

b - use a new Moto II on an existing mount set-up rather than installing new mounting. 

These will be available to purchase when Moto II devices become available.  

Current mount set-ups, be saved!


Enter your destination by either tapping the location on the map or using the search function in the ‘Where to?’ at the bottom of the screen. 

If it is a simple A to B type of day, that is it! From here you can choose to ride the route given, or blaze your own path with light guidance by choosing the Compass option. 

For the longer days, you can also add stops along the way if there are any specific places that you would like to pass through on your ride. These are called waypoints. 

Read more about route planning here